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-=HF=- Will not be using the source system until sh1ft can get a better computer. So were gonna stick to 1.6

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    New Scrim Team *App/Read*

    Almost there :)
    Almost there :)

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    New Scrim Team *App/Read*

    Post  mike on Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:39 pm

    So, Me & Douchbag have decided to restart the scrim team itself.
    Meaning that if you are in the scrim team already you will be automatically kicked out from now on.
    Me and Douchbag have decided this because the scrim team was going to shit and there where to many posts and also, every one was disorganized.

    So, This is the lay out I will be enforming you with. If you do not accept this lay out your application will not be accepted what so ever and you will have to try again.

    Only good and respectable players can make it into the scrim team without disobeying.

    So, here are some rules.

    1. Me, sh1ft, and Douchbag Have first say on and/or anything happens, for example if 5 scrim members or not scrim members decide to scrim with out our permission they will be giving a strike.

    Now if you get a strike you will be let off by a warning.
    the second time will be 2 weeks suspencion from the scrim team.

    Now if you do it again you will be banned from the scrim team.

    2. Me , sh1ft and douchbag have first say on any strats that happen. For example if I say go A and 2 of u guys go B you will be given a Semi - Strike. Now A Semi-Strike does not get you banned from any of the scrim teams or anything like tat all it does is increases your chance of getting ringed.

    3. If me sh1ft, or douchbag think your sucking asshole youll be ringed. No Aruing or u get a strike.

    *Here Are The Rules To Apply*

    1st. The Post Subject must be name ()Scrim Team App()-Your Name

    For Example "()Scrim Team App()-Mike"

    2nd. You must follow this Template.

    Expirence Years?:
    What Benefits Can You Bring:
    Favorite Weapon Ct/T:
    In-Game Name:
    Favorite Map: Dust2, Mill, Nuke, and Inferno.
    League Xp?:


    Name: Mike Bouchard
    Age: 14
    Expirence Years?: 8 Years
    What Benefits Can You Bring: Team Work , And Coopertaive
    Favorite Weapon Ct/T: T- Ak27/Awp Ct- Awp /M4A1/ Aug
    In-Game Name: `Mike_^
    Favorite Map: Dust2, Mill, Nuke, and Inferno.
    League Xp?: Boe & Boa
    Mic?: Yes.

    Now I hope you join and have fun on the battle field!

    *Also, The Only Recuriters Are Me And DoucheBag*
    *We Have Last Say On Who Gets In*

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    Post  Douchebag1 on Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:40 pm

    KK lol

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