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    [ACCEPTED] Health's Application

    Almost there :)
    Almost there :)

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    [ACCEPTED] Health's Application

    Post  health on Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:43 pm

    Steam UserName: shadowrook21

    Real Name : Brian C.

    Age : 15

    DOB (Date Of Birth) : 12/04/1994

    Proof : I am 15 due to the fact i am attending a High School in my Sophmore year.

    Expierences : I have many experiences throught the years i had played in CAL M and been playing on and off CS:S. I started playing Counter-Strike Source in the year of 2006 and competed in the CAL tournaments. I was in the CAL-M tournament till the time my account got hacked. After i got hacked, i quit for a long time; 2years ? Yeah long. But now, I've come back and looking for a clan i can chill with and have some scrims with not a very competitive clan just one i can hangout with and chat with.

    Extra Information: I am currently 15 years old and attending High School. I have a job as a Computer Technician and a Lawyer Trainee. I love the way the forums are active and fun to be on chatting when im bored from Counter-Strike. Eh, i have nothing more to say see you soon! I would like to be in a competitive as well as a clan where i can chill and just have a little chat with the people in the clan as well as learning from others and experiencing some embarrassing times with them .

    Thanks for taking your time for reading my application.

    Even if i do not get accepted i will strive in helping the community in their troubles as well as advertising the servers to my friends.

    Hope to see you soon on the servers!


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    Re: [ACCEPTED] Health's Application

    Post  sh1ft on Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:21 pm

    Thank you for applying to join Hardc0re fatality.

    Your new tags are -=HF=- URNAMEHERE [M]

    Useful links
    Official Survival Guide

    Member Rules

    Admin prices

    As a side note...

    Just look at this application, A very good example for people wishing to Join Hardc0re Fatality.

    Darken Rahl

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    Re: [ACCEPTED] Health's Application

    Post  Darken Rahl on Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:41 pm

    Welcome and have fun! see you in the game!


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    Re: [ACCEPTED] Health's Application

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